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Benefit Nft LTWID is one of the most important online galleries in the world for vintage fashion and collectible design Furniture for years we have been helping the most famous architects to furnish the coolest homes in the world we decided to create a collection of unique nft pieces an introspective journey into the author's Designer of every era with a modern and artistic interpretation each photo is a unique, non-replicable exclusive property of interpreted by our staff in a careful and meticulous way provides many benefits discounts up to 20% and free shipping worldwide for any destination for the purchase of real items those who have a nft will have a dedicated number 24h24 for assistance buying a ltwid artistic nft is not just buying something new from a company that has been established for years in the world of luxury and collecting but it is also part of an exclusive cub that provides priority access to new arrivals /exhibitions/event/and many others benefits

Customer care

You can contact us for more information, our team will support you before, during and after the purchase.


We pay particular attention to the protection of your banking data. Installed tools guarantee 100% secure payment.


We ship to over 100 countries. We offer to our customers an excellent service of their purchase.